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The Coalition for Public Education

Coalición por la Educación Pública 

Is AFFIRMING that public education has the potential to be the cornerstone of  democracy and that participation  in  shared decision making at our local public  schools  serves as one important entry point into that democratic process,

is RECOGNIZING that the mayoral control “reform” -- like previous efforts to change the system’s governance without clearly articulating the educational purpose of the reform or facing society’s deep systemic problems of poverty and racism – still leaves the city with schools that fail to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students;

and REGRETTING that the mayor’s dictatorial corporate reform model with its emphasis on high stakes testing, a narrow test driven curriculum, competition, so called  “school choice”, no real public voice in decision making, school closings that punish rather than support and privatization policies has failed to uphold fundamental principles of democracy, equity, transparency, system accountability, student-centered pedagogy, and respect for diversity and our local communities;

is AFFIRMING that a more democratic, equitable and collaborative system is possible where local schools supported by the entire community provide excellent education and the wrap around services needed to meet each child’s right to reach his/her full human potential and their community’s right for social and economic development,

Call on the NY State legislature to pass a Peoples Board of Education bill before June 2015 when Mayoral Control is scheduled to either be reinstated or replaced by some other school governance structure.

Below is a DRAFT of a bill we feel will help parents, students, educators and all New Yorkers re-establish educational excellence and antiracist democracy. We look forward to your input to help develop this draft into a powerful legal weapon and organizing tool.

A People's Board of Education Bill by


The New York City
People's Board of Education
Guiding Principles
• The People's Board of Education (PBE) will work within a Human Rights framework
as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. According to this Declaration
parents, students and their communities have:
- The Right to Participate in the Governance of the Educational System--
- The Right to Independently Monitor the System--
- The Right to adequate Training and Information that would ensure effective participation
in the system-
- The Right to Effective and Timely Remedies when rights are violated—
• The PBE will create an independent and ongoing city wide public forums to
1) understand and advocate for these rights
2) develop a broad consensus for a new vision of free antiracist Public Education in NYC
3) participate in and monitor the results of the future reorganization efforts
4) develop an action strategy to assure that Federal, State and City laws provide
independent public oversight of the Public Education system.
• The PBE will be composed of individuals from backgrounds and neighborhoods
reflecting the racial, nationality, class and gender of the students in the system. These
individuals will be knowledgeable about:
1) curricula, pedagogy and specific education issues
2) legislative procedures and policies
3) education law
4) community organizing and training
5) organizational development, fundraising & media. A Citywide Education Coalition Search
Committee will reach out to individuals and groups throughout the city to build The PBE.
• Board Members will be parents, grandparents, students, community members and
educators who will be charged to serve only the interests of parents, students and their
communities. These concerns will be determined by The PBE's open forums and hearings,
studies and surveys.
• The PBE will hold monthly open forums and/or formal hearings in all five boros to gage
public opinion on emerging issues and monthly meetings to conduct business.
• The PBE will research and use reports, surveys and studies conducted by other local,
state, national and international groups relevant to The PBE's work.
• The work of The PBE and its committees will be conducted in regularly scheduled public
meetings with full transparency. An elected Steering Committee comprised of parents,
students, educators and community representatives will prepare agenda items for the
monthly meetings.
• The PBE will cooperate with all existing parent organizations, education groups,
community-based organizations and grassroot advocates and elected officials dedicated to
educational excellence for all NYC students.
• The PBE will operate through citywide and boro committees under the authority of bylaws
created by a subcommittee and approved by The PBE at a public meeting
• Members of the school community will be able to take an active role in the deliberation
and actions of The PBE by attending public meetings and becoming members of citywide
or borough committees.
• The PBE will refer individual parent/student concerns to appropriate organizations that
can help and will follow up to see that theses matters were addressed.
• The PBE members, once selected, will serve as volunteers for a specified term (to be
determined) The PBE will seek independent funding for a full time coordinator.

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The Coalition for Public Education

Coalición por la Educación Pública

Who We Are/What We Want

The Coalition for Public Education/Coalición por la Educación Pública is an independent, non-sectarian, and non-governmental organization with short, middle and long-term educational and social goals.  We believe that education is a human right and we want to ensure that New York City public schools are places of learning in which all stakeholders (parents, students, educators, non-pedagogical staff, administrators and the community) are engaged in a democratic process to provide a free and quality education to all its students, from Pre-school to College.

                  Our coalition is based on antiracist/antisexist democratic grassroots organizing concepts and not based on the idea that any one individual, politician, union leader, or political messiah will save us.

                  Our coalition will participate in election campaigns but will focus on mass action as a primary vehicle for social change.  Therefore, we will organize the distribution of leaflets, mass rallies, forums, civil disobedience, petitions, referendums, web-based actions, economic boycotts, and other grassroots tactics.  We also understand that we are not alone in struggle and that we must unite with other groups and individuals who support democracy, self-determination and the empowerment of our communities.

What We Want:

I.    A Peoples' Board of Education

II.  Local control of our Public Schools not Mayoral Dictatorship!

III.  Better Public Schools not Charter Schools!

IV.  Power to Parents, Students and Educators!

V.    Implementation of a mandatory Antiracist Curriculum!

VI.  Recruiting educators from our neighborhoods to achieve racial parity!

VII.   Money for Education Not War!

VIII.  OUR Schools = Neighborhood School Control!


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